Advantages of Electrohydraulic Control Systems

If you are considering purchasing a new pump, you should know that there are several advantages of electrohydraulic control systems. These pumps provide precise control in a wide variety of applications, and are a great choice for applications where conventional hydraulic pumps cannot provide sufficient control. One of the major advantages of these pumps is that they do not produce hydraulic fluid and do not require any kind of maintenance. The other major advantage of electrohydraulic control systems is their flexibility. Electric systems can be installed anywhere, and you do not have to be limited by traditional hydraulic controls. You can choose the size and configuration of the actuators you need, and the power output is also largely customizable.

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The programmable motion controller in an electrohydraulic control system allows you to adjust the force applied to the valves. This enables machines to automatically adapt to different materials and environmental conditions. In addition, a programmable motion controller allows you to change recipes without interruption to the operation of your machines. This flexibility allows you to change target positions and forces without the need for manual adjustment. Moreover, you can save time and energy by adjusting the target positions and forces on the fly tunai4d..

Moreover, the electrohydraulic valves can be monitored remotely using the latest communication technology. Many enterprises have already released valves with communication interfaces, including the ATOS DLHZO-TEZ series and the MOOG D636. These products have a large application market and mature hardware technology. Some control blocks also integrate LIN, EtherCAT, or CAN bus interfaces. You can even install wireless control systems in your hydraulic valves.

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